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The art of producing a good wine and the quality of its flavour on the palate is down to our oenologists. Experts in following the whole process of making a wine with care and expertise. To know them is to understand where this authentic flavour comes from.

Rodolfo Bastida

Technical Director and General Manager of Bodegas Ramón Bilbao.

Enólogo Rodolfo Bastida de Ramón Bilbao

Where are your roots? I was born in Rioja town near Logroño.

What did you study? Technical Agricultural Engineering, Master’s in Viticulture and Oenology, Master’s in Business Management.

What do you do? I dedicate myself to my family and to improving things a little every day at our wineries. You never know how far you can get by improving something every day…

Where was your first winery? It was an experimental winery from the Cariñena region.

Define Ramón Bilbao in one word: Bold.

How long have you been at Ramón Bilbao? Since April 1999.

What’s your favourite wine? The one that I drink with my friends, family, and companions, even if it’s not one of ours.

What’s the perfect pairing? It doesn’t exist. I don’t obsess about perfection when talking about combining food and wine.

What’s your greatest passion? The vineyard and the wine, without a doubt.


Rodolfo began his career working in a company related to the wine sector in a technical position. There, he began to acquire knowledge on the subject that left an indelible mark on him. He subsequently entered the prestigious Breton winery, and his current relationship with Ramón Bilbao arose following his departure from there.

At that time, a fresh approach was needed to update the way of working, and there was no better craftsman than Rodolfo. Behind a serious façade, Rodolfo hides a daring personality; a fact which allowed him to take charge of Ramón Bilbao at only 31 years of age. He immersed himself in a project that is constantly growing, with new wineries joining it every day.
He himself says he does not want to have his own winery, since he feels he is part of a great team that feels like his own, and they make good wine.

Sara Bañuelos

Technical Director of Bodegas Ramón Bilbao Rueda.

Enóloga Sara Bañuelos de Ramón Bilbao Rueda

Where are your roots? I was born in Zafra, a small town in Badajoz, although my blood is Riojan and I spent my childhood on horseback between Logroño and Miranda de Ebro. I therefore consider myself a citizen of the world.

What did you study? Agricultural Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Oenology at University of La Rioja.

What do you do? I am the Technical Director of Bodegas Ramón Bilbao Rueda.

Where was your first winery? In La Rioja.

Define Ramón Bilbao in one word: Bold.

How long have you been at Ramón Bilbao? This summer it will be two years. For me, it’s the start of an exciting project.

What’s your favourite wine? It depends on the moment, but let’s say that in the afternoon a Limited Edition relaxes me, and in the morning Ramón Bilbao Sauvignon Blanc fills me with positivity.

What’s the perfect pairing? A mushroom and truffle risotto with a full- bodied white.

What’s your greatest passion? I like to know the customs of each location, to see how they used to work back in the day and how they do it now. And gastronomically-speaking, I like to try new tastes and textures to broaden my personal flavour range. My second passion would be basketball.


I have been rooted in the world of wine right from the start; my family is from Rioja and it has always been something that has interested me a lot. While studying agricultural engineering, I combined my studies with traineeships and research work related to oenology and viticulture. Since I finished my studies I’ve been working in different wineries; first in La Rioja to become familiar with the different ways of working in small, large, family, and cooperative wineries, to explore where I would like to end up; and then once I joined Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, in Rueda, to get to know the region as much as possible.

Right now, I have a few years of hard work ahead on this great project, which I am passionate about as I have known it since its inception and been involved in every phase.

Rosana Lisa

Director of Innovation and Deputy Technical Director.

Enóloga Rosana Lisa de Ramón Bilbao

Where are your roots? I was born in a town in the province of Huesca.

What did you study? Chemical Sciences and a Bachelor’s Degree in oenology.

What do you do? I’m Head of R&D&I in wines.

Define Ramón Bilbao in one word: Innovation.

How long have you been at Ramón Bilbao? 6 years. A long journey.

What’s your favourite wine? It depends on the moment, but the one that never fails is a sweet wine, rich in nuances, with the ripe tannins of a good grape and aged in the barrel. Fat in the mouth and structured.

What’s the perfect pairing? Good company.

What’s your greatest passion? The desire to improve day by day.


Rosana Lisa has extensive experience in winemaking, since she has developed her career at several renowned wineries and in several appellations of origin. She started her career at Roda and then moved to the Calatayud and Cariñena denominations where she learned the art of making wine with the Garnacha grape, before spending time in Navarra. Following this valuable experience, she entered Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, where she is the right hand of Rodolfo Bastida and leads all research projects.