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Always innovating, they present a bespoke piece through which a wine-loving, 21st century explorer is immersed in a dream world.
The visitor to the cellar will live this experience, taking them on a journey from the birth of the grape all the way to the glass of wine, a fairy-tale journey of unique sensations…

Bodegas Ramón Bilbao have once again demonstrated that they are one of the leading winemaking companies when it comes to innovation, that’s why they have chosen the start of 2015 to put themselves on show with a new, evocative style and invite wine lovers to live a unique experience through their new, modern, adventurous iconography, which has been launched with the slogan “The journey begins here”. Now, yet again, they have sought to set new precedents for what is still to come and to take an advance on the future by creating a piece of virtual reality for their followers which will transport the visitor to their Haro base to a dream world which can only be accessed via the Oculus.

Flying bottles, giant trees, cascades of wine falling into a river of incomparable sensations, this is what you will find when you put on these glasses and immerse yourself in a tale specially created to guide this 21st Century explorer who we take on a metaphorical journey from the birth of the grape all the way to the glass of wine.
This launch forms a key part of the winery’s commitment to innovation in which technology is at the service of an idea: to explain the careful Ramón Bilbao winemaking process in a totally new and original way, by which nobody can be left feeling indifferent.


In the forefront of the great Bodegas, this Rioja firm with more than 90 years’ experience behind it, has put its trust in a cutting-edge technology which has only just arrived in our country and which is evolving continuously. Previous VR products were base don a virtual tour of the wine cellar or a visit to the vineyards with 360º panoramic photography, but Ramón Bilbao is the first cellar to develop its own specific Virtual Reality content, closely linked to the visual universe of this Rioja label, which presented its new corporate image last month. An image which transmits, in the words of Rodolfo Bastida, “the perfect balance between tradition and innovation”.

The most advanced VR technology will help us to feel like the protagonist of a great imaginary journey, where the users are immersed for a little over two minutes in the experience of the magical metamorphosis of wine. This experience will be available to
visitors to the Haro wine cellar (La Rioja).

In addition, it will be possible to download the Oculus content for free and play it on a wide range of smartphones thanks to the app version. You only need a simple visor from the wide range of models available on the market, so that anyone in their own home can enjoy a fairy-tale world, vines and sensations. All in all, a dream journey which may even leave you with butterflies in your stomach.

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