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Ramón Bilbao has been chosen as the ‘Best-performing Bodega over recent years’ by ‘Verema’, the Spanish-language reference portal for wine lovers.

Haro, 7 February 2017.- Verema, the reference social network for wine lovers and the one with the largest audience for Spanish speakers, has awarded Bodegas Ramón Bilbao their prize for the ‘Best-performing Bodega over recent years’. The winner of the award was chosen from the result of over 7,100 votes cast by users of the wine portal excellence. The awards ceremony for the 2016 Verema Prize winners will be held during the second day of the Experiencia Verema Valencia 2017, on Saturday 25 February at 6 p.m. in the Hotel Balneario Las Arenas.

The prize represents the recognition of the winemaking efforts made by Bodegas Ramón Bilbao over the last few years. The Rioja Bodega, with Rodolfo Bastida at the helm, has managed to combine the historic value of its 90-year track record with profound experimentation by its oenologists in pursuit of fresh, elegant wines, with a modern style, but which never lose the identity and character bestowed on them by the winemaking regions where they have their roots.

Bodegas Ramón Bilbao is acknowledged as being among the great pioneers in the transformation of the DOCa Rioja. A continuous metamorphosis which underlines the dynamic efforts of the Bodega in the search for an answer to the new demands of the market. This is confirmed by the General Manager and Technical Director, Rodolfo Bastida, ‘We are implementing a strategic plan to meet the sector’s new challenges, investments in the purchase of our own vineyards, new winemaking facilities, an optical selection sorting table and the ongoing renewal of our stock of over 18,000 casks in which the precious fruits of our vineyards are kept are all part of the project that is finished off with a new cellar dedicated exclusively to our new Lalomba vineyard’. ‘This award is especially important to us because it comes from the final consumer, users of Verema, wine lovers with a lot of knowledge of the market who have their finger on the pulse of the industry, which is why we are grateful and value it enormously’ concludes Bastida.

Ramón Bilbao second best Rosado of the year

The prizes include the most outstanding winemaking projects and references on the Spanish scene, so Ramón Bilbao Rosado has also been selected as the second best Rosado of the year for wine lovers of the Verema social community.

Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, a historical bodega with a contemporary feel.

Since its foundation in Haro in 1924, the family firm has displayed a pioneering spirit in the Rioja appellation. Innovation and determination are among our main values and our work ethos is proof of that. Ramón Bilbao owns 180 hectares of vines and carefully controls another 600 hectares in the main quality growing districts of the DOCa. Rioja.

Our goal is to offer the maximum quality to our customers, from the vineyard to the point of sale, and this involves imposing high standards on ourselves which is only possible with the passion of wanting to excel ourselves every day.

Grupo Zamora, one of the largest family-owned drinks businesses in Spain, has owned the Bodega since 1999. The family firm is driving forward a respectful transformation which stresses the need to preserve the historic legacy while bringing a marked innovating character and an updating of the processes and facilities which will position the Bodega as a worldwide oenological point of reference.


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