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Almost one hundred years ago, Ramón Bilbao embarked upon a journey of discovery to make his great dream come true: a wine with a unique style. Now we begin a new journey in search of people who, like Ramón Bilbao, chase their dreams above all else. Welcome.



puntosDREAM puntos


One day, Ramón Bilbao found the answer: wine would be the currency that would allow him to travel the world. In spring of 1924, he set off towards foreign lands on a vehicle of his own invention.

To carry out our journey, we have created a unique bicycle, different from all others; a vehicle that carries within it the spirit of Ramón Bilbao and has helped us bring to life a person who built his dream out of wood every day.


“To chase one’s dreams is a way of life.”

The Constructor

Rafael Andújar


Hailing from the Sevillian city of Dos Hermanas, this craftsman has revolutionised the the world of the bicycle with his innovative wooden designs. Giving life to one of the vehicles on our wine labels using the wood from our oak barrels has been a project that he will never forget.