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El viaje comienza aquí
El viaje comienza aquí


One day, Ramón Bilbao found the answer: wine would be his ticket to travel the world. For months he busied himself with calculating routes, winds and temperatures and with choosing the best wines to take on the expedition, before departing for foreign lands in the spring of 1924.


Remember where you come from.

They say we’re made of dreams, utopias, aspirations. They say that we take our suitcase full of experiences to remember on our journey.

Today our dream makes us vibrate with an intense energy.


Winners of the Best Spanish Winery prize in 2014 awarded by IWSC, our utopian vision doesn’t stop expanding. A journey during which we were also distinguished in 2011 by the prize to the Best Tempranillo in the World and in 2008 by the award for the Best Spanish Red Wine.



A journey, a hope that goes back to the streets of Haro where the first wine was sold in.


A journey in constant motion, on which we have been accompanied since 1999 by the family firm of Diego Zamora S.A.



With this marriage of stocks we have succeeded in maintaining something more than a project, an idea of life that, in 1971, became a corporation.



A journey passed down from generation to generation until 1966, when the grandson of the founder of this dream died heirless: Ramón Bilbao Pozo.


Journey continues

And you make it. A path leading to emotions and memories. A journey about enjoying those flavours that life sometimes treats us to.

Flavours born from a vine plant that come to life in your glass. A shared history since 1924, on a path that we walk together.

When you set off on a new journey, look around with different eyes, seek new horizons to conquer and sensations to experience: tastes, aromas, nuances that make life different

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